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Art in the Airport

 Students and their families look at the exhibit at Albert J. Ellis Airport

On November 5, student artwork lined the upstairs walkway of Albert J. Ellis Airport, as the middle school artists looked on proudly.  

Fifteen pieces of OCS student artwork were chosen to be a part of “Innovation,” the newest installment of the Albert J. Ellis Art in the Airport series. The artwork in the exhibit varied in medium, with some artists using pencil and paint, while others opted for more unconventional materials like fabric.  

Student artwork hangs in Albert J. Ellis Airport

The subject matter for the pieces varied, but all somehow connected to the overall theme of “innovation.” Some students depicted historical innovation, such as the” piece called “Amelia Earhart,” and others took a more abstract approach to the theme, creating their own worlds or sharing their own interpretation of the world we live in.  

For example, Mayeli Featherstone, an 8th grader at Jacksonville Commons Middle School, created a piece called “The Upside Down” out of acrylic paint. The piece explores what it would be like to have an alternate “upside down” world, that we could escape to.  

“I think it would be kind of cool if we had another kind of world, or another place,” she said, “but it’s still the same thing, so we could flip and go somewhere more modernized or things like that.” 

Southwest High School Principal Tim Foster looks at student artwork at OAJ

All the art chosen from OCS students will be displayed at the airport for the next few months, during which time, it will be seen by the thousands flying in and out of Albert J. Ellis Airport.  

Congratulations to all students whose work was chosen! 

Middle school student art is displayed at OAJ   Student work hangs in the airport

Artwork from OCS students will hang in OAJ for all to see   OCS middle school students' artwork hangs in Albert J. Ellis Airport


Northwoods Park Middle 

  • Layla Tucker 

New Bridge Middle 

  • Natalie Stickles 
  • Kenadie Jacks 
  • Dylan Has 

Trexler Middle 

  • Aliza Galbaldon 

Jacksonville Commons Middle 

  • Tempest Ginn 
  • Mayeli Featherstone 

Dixon Middle School 

  • Madison Ford 
  • Isabella DeJesus 
  • Sumayah Andrews 

Hunters Creek Middle 

  • Audrey Smith 
  • Landon Timmons 

Swansboro Middle 

  • Cristina Guevara-Rodriguez 
  • Caroline Rice 
  • Courtney Stanley