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2020 Elementary Geography Bee


Dr. Lisa Peele and Dr. Mark Bulris with the Elementary Geography Bee contestants

On Jan. 16, students from across the county participated in the annual district-wide geography bee. Geography bee champions from 11 of the district’s elementary schools gathered at Stateside Elementary to compete in the championship.  

Eleven students competed in a total of 5 regular rounds to vie for the gold. Question categories included U.S. Capitals, U.S. Cities, Continents, Cultural Geography, and World Geography. After 4 tie-breaker rounds between Sa'Tia Meek of Jacksonville Commons Elementary and Brian Soscia of Stateside Elementary, Brian correctly answered that Greece is the location of the Acropolis to place 1st in the competition. Sa’Tia Meek took 2nd place.  

First and 2nd place winners Brian Soscia and Sa'Tia Meek accept their trophies

Congratulations to the winners and a job well done to all who competed!  

Here is a full list of this year’s contestants: 

  • Jackson Scarcella, 4th grade, Dixon Elementary 
  • Asuka Sorrell, 5th Grade, Dixon Middle 
  • Benjamin Nguyen, 5th Grade, Heritage Elementar 
  • Sa’Tia Meek, 5th Grade, Jacksonville Commons Elementar 
  • Austin Kuklinski, 5th Grade, Meadow View Elementar 
  • Noah Ellsworth, 4th Grade, Queens Creek Elementar 
  • Jamairis Sharpless, 4th Grade, Richlands Elementar 
  • Lucas Gore, 4th Grade, Southwest Elementar 
  • Brian Soscia, 5th Grade, Stateside Elementar 
  • Aitor Haro Mendez, 5th Grade, Summersill Elementar 
  • Evelyn Dunham, 5th Grade, Swansboro Elementary