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NWPMS Adopted by Camp Lejeune Unit

Principal Angela Garland, LtCol Scott Clippinger and NWPMS students at the adoption ceremony

Thursday, January 30 was special for the staff and students of Northwoods Park Middle School as they celebrated and made official their new partnership with a military unit from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  

Through the Adopt-a-School program, Combat Logistics Battalion 2 adopted NWPMS, establishing a relationship that will last for years to come.  

The Adopt-a-School program promotes mutually beneficial relationships between the military and schools by allowing a military unit to “adopt” a school. The units support schools by helping with field days, family nights, Month of the Military Child events, proctoring tests and more. In return, schools help their adopting units by sending them letters and care packages while they are deployed.  

NWPMS Principal Angela Garland said that this adoption was exciting for her and her students, as about 45 percent of the NWPMS student body comes from a military family.  

LtCol Scott Clippinger said that he and his unit were proud to adopt NWPMS, because they realized not only the sacrifices that service members make, but those that their families make as well. He said they look forward to walking the halls of NWPMS and building a partnership. 

Congratulations to NWPMS and thank you to all of the military personnel who invest time in our schools and students!