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Art in the Airport

Northside High School sophomore Daugherty Norris and her self-portrait

On March 9, the newest installment of the Art in the Airport exhibit was unveiled at Albert J. Ellis Airport.  

Fourteen pieces of OCS student artwork were chosen to be a part of “Courage,” the newest exhibit that would display the work of Onslow County’s talented high school artists. The artwork varied in medium, with some artists using pencil and paint, while others opted to express themselves through media such as photography.  

The subject matter of the pieces varied, but all somehow connected to the overall them of “courage.” Some students drew self-portraits, some drew scenes from nature, and others drew people who inspire them.  

Hanaka Miyazaki's "Metamorphosis"   The high school art teachers take a photo with Dr. Lisa Peele, Dr. Barry Collins, and Board members

Swansboro High School art teacher Hali Moritz said that courage is a great theme for an art exhibit, because coming to art class and expressing yourself through art takes courage on a daily basis.  

Ms. Moritz’ student, Hanaka Miyazaki, a foreign exchange student from Japan, depicted a butterfly in her piece. Hanaka said that the butterfly symbolizes courage through the process of metamorphosis, because it takes courage to grow and change.  

Ms. Moritz said that Hanaka, as a person, embodies courage because of her willingness to go out of her comfort zone and take on an array of all-new experiences, like coming to America, joining clubs, and making new friends.  

All the art chosen from OCS students will be displayed at the airport through May 15, during which time it will be seen by the thousands of people flying in and out of OAJ.  
Congratulations to all students whose work was chosen! 

Board members Paul Wiggins and Ken Reddic discuss student artwork   Dr. Barry Collins, students and staff look at student artwork at OAJ

Student artwork hangs in OAJ   OCS student artwork is displayed in OAJ

Dixon High School 

  • Andrew Price, “Joy of Jasmine” 
  • Madison Webb, “On Edge” 

Jacksonville High School 

  • Leanna Fore, “Mourning Angel” 
  • Calli Rongved, “Togetherness is Strength” 

Northside High School 

  • Jarus Helgenberger, Untitled 
  • Daugherty Norris, Untitled 

Richlands High School 

  • Kaleana Julius-Carroll, “Two Faces” 
  • Sommer Powell, “Adventure” 

Swansboro High School 

  • Hanaka Miyazaki, “Metamorphosis” 
  • Sariya Szymanski, “Human vs. Nature” 

Southwest High School 

  • Skylar Mitchell, Untitled 
  • Hannah LeFevere, Untitled 

White Oak High School 

  • Aubrey Maccherone, “Louis Armstrong” 
  • Brianna Cabrera, Untitled