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OVS Rebuild 2021-2022

Onslow K-12 Virtual School (OVS) – Response to All-Remote Learning 

On March 14, 2020, Governor Cooper directed closure of all the state’s public schools for at least two weeks. This initial closure turned into the state’s public schools being closed to in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Throughout the summer, as COVID case numbers increased and schools prepared to reopen, districts across the state were required to provide an all-remote learning option for families concerned about having their children return to in-person instruction. 

OCS designed the Onslow K-12 Virtual School (OVS) as our all-remote learning option. OVS met the Governor’s and NC Department of Public Instruction’s requirements for providing families with an all-remote learning option. 

With just six weeks of planning and preparation, OVS opened its virtual doors to students in August 2020. This effort required massive commitments from departments and schools across the district related to instructional technology, scheduling, staffing, professional development, enrollment, and much more. 

OVS currently has over 4,700 students in grades K-12. These students are served by nearly 200 staff members, and the school has handled over 800 enrollment changes since opening in August. 

Throughout the current school year, operational and instructional challenges demonstrated that changes to OVS will be necessary as we move into the new academic year. 

Nearly 5,000 students and staff have made it challenging to manage daily operations of OVS, provide effective professional development and support for teachers, be available to parents and students, and offer students a highly engaging academic experience. 

With COVID-19 case numbers stabilizing and vaccinations in progress, there is not a projected need for as large of an all-remote option for the upcoming school year. A redesign of OVS will allow the district to best reach those students who have excelled in a virtual setting, while providing families an innovative, all-remote, and personalized learning option. 

OVS 2021-2022 

Two Schools, Two Staffs 

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the Onslow K-12 Virtual School will be divided into two separate schools, with two separate staffs: 

  • Onslow Virtual Elementary School (OVES) will serve approximately 600 students in grades K-5. 
  • Onslow Virtual Secondary School (OVSS) will serve approximately 1,000 students in grades 6-12. 

These enrollment numbers will allow staff to better meet the students’ social, emotional and academic needs, while keeping the virtual school in line with the sizes of in-person schools across the district. 

Lottery-style Enrollment Option 

OVS will become a choice school and enrollment will be determined through a lottery process including an application. 

Students wishing to attend either the elementary or secondary virtual school will be considered based on the following criteria: 

  • Attendance
  • Academic progress 
  • Availability of a Learning Coach 

We appreciate our school community’s flexibility this year and ask for your support as we transition the Onslow K-12 Virtual School from an “emergency shelter” in the COVID-19 storm to a responsive and sustainable all-virtual learning environment. 

Additional information on the Onslow Virtual School redesign, along with application and lottery details can be found here - Onslow Virtual Elementary School & Onslow Virtual Secondary School (link opens in a new tab).