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It seems like it has been months since Hurricane Florence rocked our world and turned our lives upside-down. Many of us assessed damage, cleaned more than we ever have, dealt with insurance and FEMA and laughed and cried, and finally, have begun to rebuild and return to our "normal" routines. Soon, our schools will open and hopefully help with bringing some normalcy back into our lives. 

In these few months, though, many of us have also looked around and realized how strong, brave, and compassionate our community and our world can be. From the Rotary Club organizing food and supply distribution days after the Hurricane and almost entirely volunteer based to friends tarping friends' homes and cleaning out drywall and insulation to passing on information about families and people in need, our community has shown its best qualities in the face of adversity. 

Mr. Rogers once said that in times of disaster, there are always helpers there. If you are scared, look for the helpers.

It has been so wonderful to see our SBES Pirates, staff, families, students, and former students, out in the community trying to be the helpers; delivering furniture, collecting clothing or food, volunteering around the area. When we needed help, schools like Cardinal Gibbons High School and Hendersonville Elementary School reached out to us to donate school supplies and other items to SBES and our families. We are so thankful to be able to look around and see so many helpers, both in and out of our community. Thank you for being a helper, and please don't hesitate to look to us for help if you need it. 

Thanks, Hendersonville Elementary School!