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Message from the Board Chair

Board Chair Pam Thomas

The resilience of our school system, its staffs and students is strong and so admirable. Florence may have caused devastation of our area but it certainly brought forth a kind and caring spirit in all of us. We are all moving forward and we understand the importance of working together and helping others. I’m so proud to be one of your teammates.

A big thank you for all who took time to complete the Superintendent’s Survey. This input will be used as will conduct the search for a new superintendent. We hope to have a superintendent selected by the end of February with a beginning date sometime in March or April.

Other focuses for this year will relate to storm repairs and developing a strong contingency plan for possible future disasters.

The BOE continues strong support for the instructional goals of our LEA and will continue to hold students’ needs as the “heart” of our underlying focus.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas! It is indeed the season to thankful and joyful.

Merry Christmas!

Pam Thomas