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Coding into the Future

HCMS LEADers were #ReadytoCode thanks to @alalibrary! We used #CSFirst for #CSEdWeek as part of a $1M collaboration with #GrowWithGoogle across all 50 states!

Students were asked to create a story that reflected the First Habit in our Leader in Me program. Using the Scratch Platform, students used An Unusual Discovery to highlight being Proactive.

Some teachers let that activity be a springboard to other activities using various programs in the CS programming catalog. Ms. Lockhart's classes coded in music and Ms. Schmitt's classes had a different coding activity each day.

Libraries were selected to host activities based on Google’s free CS First curriculum, which uses video-based instruction to introduce CS to kids through block-based coding. Libraries pursued projects that reflect Ready to Code themes critical for advancing youth learning, especially for building computational thinking literacies. The  Ready to Code team estimates that the CS Ed Week funding supported more than 60,000 youth all around the country who took part in coding activities throughout the week.


A student shows off the Grinch coding program  A Google logo created by a student  3 students work on coding music during chorus class