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Dear Families, 

Welcome to 5th grade! We are very excited to be sharing our classrooms with you and your children this school year. This school year your children can expect to learn many new and interesting topics. 

Below are classroom policies that will be implemented throughout the duration of the 2021-2022 school year. If any questions shall arise, please feel free to contact me. 

  • Attendance: Our school opens at 8:25 and students will be dismissed at 3:30. Please be vigilant, our first teaching lesson begins promptly at 8:45 and if your student is habitually tardy, he/she will fall behind in schoolwork. If you bring your child to school after 8:45am, they will be considered tardy and must be signed in at the office by a parent or guardian. Your child will then need to bring a tardy pass to class. If your child is absent, the office requires a written note stating the reason for the absence.  We teach up until dismissal so PLEASE try to refrain from checking your child out early, otherwise they will miss a good portion of third block.   
  • School Fees: Instructional fees are $5.00, and the art fee is $1.00 and laptop fee is $25.00. It is best to take care of this either at an open house or in the first week of school. However, all fees must be paid by the end of the first quarter. Please make checks payable to Dixon Elementary for $31.00. You can also pay through the new online service. 
  • Discipline: Students are expected to treat all adults and each other with respect, always. Time will be spent modeling and discussing behavior that is expected within our community of learners.  A huge part of fifth grade is preparing them for middle school.  This entails demonstrating responsibility at all times with academic and social issues.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their laptop is charged at home every night.  If the students come to school with “dead” computer (not fully charged) that will be a strike.  All students will be rewarded and praised in addition to being disciplined when necessary. Students will receive incentives for positive behavior (PBIS). You will be notified if a problem shall occur with your child’s behavior. We will communicate with you through our communication folder.  This folder is kept in their backpack at all times.  This is a daily system that resets each day. These strikes are added and will be considered when conduct is recorded on the report card. 

Our team policy is as follows: Verbal Warning and then followed by: 

STRIKE 1-- Working lunch 

STRIKE 2 – Parental notification  

STRIKE 3 – Phone call home/ extended working lunch/loss of privilege 

Working lunch is silently working on incomplete assignments during lunch.  Loss of privilege could be, but not limited to, classroom activities or rewards that come up.  Each student will have a communication folder.  One side is labeled KEEP AT HOME, and the other side will be labeled SIGN AND RETURN.  This is where we will place the student’s work, flyers, discipline notes, and all other vital communication papers.  Please look through this folder daily! 

  • Power of Positivity: Students will be recognized for their good behavior. Once they earn a certain number of points, they choose a prize. These prizes are toys like fidgets, lunch with the teacher etc.; please feel free to donate any items you think the kids would enjoy for the prize box! 
  • 1:1 Technology: All students will be issued a laptop with a charger.  This laptop is school property; therefore, parents or children are NOT ALLOWED to download any personal programs or apps.  Teachers and administration have permission to look at any information on the laptop, always.   STUDENTS MUST KEEP THE CHARGER AT HOME AND CHARGE THE LAPTOPS NIGHTLY.  This is considered homework and students will receive a strike if not done!   Students are responsible for the care and upkeep of the computer and charger.  If lost, the student is responsible for replacing both items.   If a student has any technical difficulties, they are to inform their homeroom teacher immediately, so we can get it to the tech department. 
  • Snacks: Students are welcome to bring in a morning snack due to our late lunch. Please remember that only healthy snacks are permitted. Encouraged snacks are fruits, veggies, crackers, cheese, healthy snack bars, and water or juice. Students are encouraged to have a small water bottle.  Students are not allowed to bring in large bags of candy or chips daily, or soda, coffee, or energy drinks.  
  • Homework: Students will be asked to complete a daily reading log that has a math problem per day. This will be in their communication folder. It will be due on Friday. Homework will be for Monday - Thursday. The math problem will be on the back of the reading log. Science vocabulary should also be studied as it is a large part of the 5th Grade Science EOG. 
  • Absentee Policy: Students are responsible for making up missed assignments due to absences. Students will be given one extra day for each day they are absent to make up missed assignments.  It is the child’s responsibility to come to each teacher to receive their missing work.  Also, if you know ahead that your child will be out for an extended time, we need a full days’ notice to gather all assignments.   If your child is out sick, however, is still able to work, please encourage your child to do what they can so they do not fall behind.   

Grading Scale: A – 90-100; B – 80-89; C – 70-79; D – 60-69; F – 59 or below 

  • Grading Policy: All assignments are based on a 100-point scale.  Percentages are used for every assignment.   Grade categories are weighted as follows:    Classwork= 1x    Quizzes= 1.5x      Tests and projects= 2.0x 

For example: Tests and projects are worth twice as much as a classroom assignment due to the amount of studying, work, and research that goes into them. 

  • Daily Schedule: Students will not rotate classrooms. I will teach all subjects! I did this for 5th Grade last year and loved it! My scholars were very successful!  
  • Parents in the Classroom: Parents will be notified if volunteers are needed in the classroom. We are hoping to be able to go on field trips this year, fingers crossed.  
  • Morning Arrival: Students are expected to enter our classrooms respectfully and quietly. The safety of each and every student in our classroom is a top priority. If your child needs to eat breakfast, they will go straight from entry in the building to the cafeteria and then bring their breakfast to the classroom.  Students will be expected to go right to their desk (unless directed to do something else) and begin unloading their belongings, turn in any notes, and use the restroom.  Students should be completely ready for the day by the time the bell rings. 
  • Classroom Assignments: Students will be responsible for recording the homework and assignments found on the board in the classroom into their planner. Assignments should be neat and on time.  Please be sure that your child is recording their first and last name and date and in the upper right-hand corner of each paper. Students will be notified if an assignment is missing. If excessive assignments are missing, a note home or a phone call will occur. Any missing assignments are expected to be turned in on the following school day. 
  • Traveling in the Hallways/Leaving the Classroom/Lunch: While traveling in the hallways, your student will be expected to follow the school rules. Students are permitted to leave the classroom to take care of any personal needs ONLY if teachers are notified.   If your child is bringing lunch from home, please be certain that their name is on it. Any student who will be purchasing lunch will be responsible for turning in his or her lunch money to us first thing in the morning so that the cafeteria can account for it.  
  • Dismissal:  Please make sure that your child knows how they are getting home.  If you have not received your email about using the School Dismissal Manager, please let Ms. Parker or the administration know. If you are not sure where you can pick up your child, please contact us or the office. I look forward to a wonderful year of learning and exploring with your child and I thank you for sharing them with us this school year.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.   

With gratitude, 

Tasha Brooks 

DES 5th Grade Teacher 

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