News from the Board -- October 19, 2021

Posted by Jessica wells on 10/19/2021 3:25:00 PM


On Tuesday, October 19, the Onslow County Board of Education held a workshop meeting at the Eastern North Carolina Regional Skills Center. Agenda items included presentations on the OCSBOE Policy Project and the Long-Range Facility Needs Assessment.  

OCS Chief Communications Officer Brent Anderson opened the meeting’s first order of business, the Board’s upcoming policy project. Anderson explained to the Board that over the coming months, or potentially years, the district will undergo a policy review with the North Carolina School Boards Association. NCSBA will guide the district through the process of reviewing each policy, ensuring compliance with state and federal law, making necessary changes, and streamlining the webhosting process.  

Christine Scheef, legal counsel/director of policy for NCSBA, shared with the Board an overview of what they can expect throughout the policy review process. She explained that the Board’s role is to create policy, creating a framework for the superintendent and his staff to work within. Through the policy project, the Board will have the opportunity to give attention to policies that have not been revisited in many years, update any that need to be updated, and take a look at instituting new policy at the recommendation of the school board association. She emphasized that the Board’s policy manual will never be complete, as circumstances are constantly changing, but that the school board association will be there to help navigate through future needs as well.  

Board member Ken Reddic will lead the school board committee that will over oversee the policy project. Other members of the committee include Board members Melissa Oakley and Bill Lanier. Brent Anderson will be the primary staff contact for this project.  

Next, OCS Chief Operating Officer Steve Myers and Ed Gordon, with Smith Sinnett Architecture, presented information on the Long-Range Facility Needs Assessment. Every 5 years, the district undergoes a local process, working with Smith Sinnett Architecture, to review data and plan for the district’s long-range facility and construction needs. The LRFNA is an accumulation of statistically valid, third-party research data on student populations, projected growth within the county, and capacities on all campuses within the district. The research is combined with a detailed evaluation of structural and systemic needs at each facility to determine projected needs for the next 10 years.  

Data shared with the Board was updated information from the last LRFNA presentation given in January 2021.  

Superintendent Dr. Barry Collins closed the meeting by commenting on the trajectory of COVID-19 numbers in the county and reminded the Board that COVID procedures would be on the next regular meeting’s agenda in November.  


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