News from the Board -- March 6, 2024

Posted by Jessica Wells on 3/7/2024 12:55:00 PM


The Onslow County Board of Education met in special session on Wednesday, March 6, to discuss the purpose, membership and structure of the proposed District Community Advisory Council.  

Chairman Ken Reddic led the meeting, asking Board members for their thoughts on creating such a council and what purpose the council will serve.  

The discussion started with one Board member’s idea of creating a new council, made up of community members, parents, and staff, which would meet regularly to discuss big-picture topics and provide feedback on information shared by the district.  

Other Board members voiced concerns about creating an all-new council when there are committees and community groups already in place that serve much of the same purpose.  

Chairman Reddic shared that some of the Board’s options moving forward include joining existing community councils outside of the district, gathering input from the community on this type of council, modifying existing councils the district already has, and other options shared by Board members.  

After discussion, Board member Louis Rogers made a motion to meet at a future date to continue the discussion to establish the purpose, membership and structure of such a council. The motion passed 4-3, with members Lanier, Williams and Reddic in opposition.  


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