A Parent Letter and a copy of the Class Policies will go home with your student the first day of class (8/29).  Please ask your student for these. They are for you.  They contain very important class information. 

Welcome to Mr. Parnell's Math class.  My classroom is room 422 (last room on right before exit).  This semester I will be teaching Math 2, Honors Math 2 and Precalculus.  The schedule of class events is available on the calendar on Teams. All dates for assignments, tests, projects and quizzes will be posted on the calendar.  All class resources (such as lessons, Practice Work files, notes, etc.) are avaliable for download as PDF's on Office 365 Teams under your class team. I look forward to a successful semester with all my students. Parents, please review the Parent Letter and the Classroom Policies files in Office 365 Teams under your student's class team folder 'General'.  The folder also contains other important information about the class. If you have any questions at any time please email me at:


Thank you

Lawrence Parnell