What do we do about 1:1 laptops which may have been damaged during the storm?

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In the wake of Hurricane Florence, several questions have been asked about loss or damage to school-owned technology items such as laptops. Most of these questions are addressed on the Instructional Technology Department’s 1:1 FAQ page.  

Hurricane-related 1:1 questions include: 

If my child’s 1:1 laptop was at home and damaged during the hurricane, will I be responsible for repair/replacement? 

The $25 technology usage fee will cover minimal damage to school-owned laptops. In the case of damage/loss exceeding $25, parents/guardians may be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of the device. In the event of hurricane-related damage to a school-owned laptop, parents/guardians are encouraged to speak with their homeowner/renter insurance agent to see if their specific policy will cover damage to the laptop. 

If my child's 1:1 laptop was left at school and suffered hurricane-related damage, will I be responsible for repair/replacement? 

No. In the case of devices that were left in an OCS school building, the damage will be reported as part of the OCS insurance claim. In this case, a new device will be assigned to the student when possible and the student/parent/guardian will NOT be responsible for another $25 usage fee.