September 16-20, 2019

  • Hello Parents! 

Let me hope that you had a great week and that you are prepared for all the positive things which are ahead of us. 

Please note the following things:

Students are given a five minutes snack time at 2pm, please provide your child with a healthy snack.

The days are very hot, therefore please provide your child with a bottle of water EVERYDAY.

If you do not have an account for powerschool, please check with the office so that you can gain access to check your child's grades. 


-Laptops have been assigned to students.  They will be able to go home as soon as: the students have taken the BOG, school fees have been paid, internet and 1:1 forms have been signed, and a parent/guardian has completed the digital agreement.

Parents are expected to pay their child’s school fee. It is a total Thirty-One Dollars ($31:00).  Also, parents are asked to complete the 1:1 Parent Orientation online.  You are asked to watch the video and read information at the links provided on the page below.

 After viewing/reading the video/policy links, you are asked to complete an online form with your child's information and acknowledgement that they have done so and agree. (That is if you have not yet done so.)

 Our Focus this week includes:

Writing: Narratives-Sudents will be writing different stories using the narrative skills taught.

ELA: Context Clues

Math: Multiplication-Students will be learning different strategies that can help them to multiply one and two digit numbers.

Science/Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about maps and globes and landforms


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