Week of November 18,2019

Dear Parents,

I do hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. Please find below the thinks which we will be working on. 

Here is what we are working on this week:

Math: This week we will review estimation; subtraction across zeros; and two-step word problems.   Please continue to review multiplication facts with your child.    

Reading: Our focus this week will be on Compare and Contrast.STudents should be able to read and compare informational texts. For their nightly reading log, students will read the stories posted in One Note and they will make their comparisons.

Science:  We are continuing with our unit on the human body. Students will learn about the three types of joints - ball and socket; hinge; and gliding.  

Social Studies:  This week, we will continue our unit of government.  Students will learn about the three branches of government – executive, judicial, and legislative. 

Word Study:  Spelling words this week are "igh,i-e, y   

Below are some important upcoming events as well as reminders. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email address is: carvalee.edwards@onslow.k12.nc.us The link to the school website and my homepage is: https://www.onslow.k12.nc.us/Page/4190 

Important Upcoming Classroom/School Events –

  • Thursday, November 21st - Field Trip to Northside High School
  • Wednesday, November 27th – Friday, November 29th – Thanksgiving Holiday.
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