Office Hours

I will be doing live classes for all my Biology students each day starting Wednesday in TEAMs. Assignments will still come through your normal TEAM but the videos will go through the New Teams you should be in titled "Shaver Bio Virtual Learning Class" this way anyone from any of my Biology classes can join in the virtual class.

Times for my class will be 8-9 and 12-1. These will be recorded so If you cannot make the live class you can still see it.  If you attend one you do not need to attend the other. This is strictly for if you cant attend one  there are other options for you. 


I will also have another virtual class time available each day, this will be specifically for if you have questions or need help this is from 1-1:30 if the time needs to extend we can. I am also available for other times if you need another time to meet virtually let me know and I will make time for you. Remember we are all in this together.