News from the Board -- October 6, 2020

Posted by Jessica Coston on 10/8/2020 12:15:00 PM


The Onslow County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on October 6, 2020 at the Eastern North Carolina Regional Skills Center. Agenda items for this meeting included the presentation of the Beginning Teacher Support Program plan.  

After a Good News Spotlight segment featuring staff recognitions, the meeting’s general business started with a presentation from Dr. CJ Korenek regarding the Beginning Teacher Support Program plan. Dr. Korenek shared with the Board the importance of the program, saying that about 20 percent of teachers in Onslow County are beginning teachers and the support they receive when getting started can set them up for a long, successful career with the district.  

Evaluation is one of the most important parts of the program’s plan, according to Dr. Korenek. She said that surveying participants and collecting feedback informs the way the program evolves and develops new ways to support teachers. Evaluation processes for the program include a first-year teacher survey, district peer reviews with Pender County Schools, and a five-year comprehensive state audit.  

Due to COVID-19 and the decision to administer the survey online this year, Dr. Korenek said her staff received a disappointing number of responses. This issue is being addressed with other ways to gather feedback as the program moves forward. Other goals of the program for the coming year include improving the standards for instructional observation by mentors to ensure that beginning teachers are receiving the valuable advice and guidance they need.  

After much discussion about methods and idea Dr. Korenek could take into consideration as the program moves forward, the Board unanimously approved the plan.  

Following the general business, just before adjournment, five people spoke during the public comment period.  


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