News from the Board -- February 26, 2020

Posted by Jessica Coston on 2/27/2020 9:45:00 AM


On Wednesday, February 26, 2020, the Onslow County Board of Education held a special meeting to discuss personnel and school board attorney contracts, the naming of the Southern Elementary School Project, redistricting in the Dixon area, and NCSBA Legislative Committee Service.  

The meeting began with the Board and Superintendent Dr. Barry Collins going into closed session to discuss personnel contracts. When the Board returned to open session, Board members unanimously approved contract extensions for Dr. Collins and his six executive staff members: Deputy Superintendent Dr. Beth Folger, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Hollamon, Chief Communications Officer Brent Anderson, Chief of HR and Student Services Dr. CJ Korenek, Chief of Operations Steve Myers and Chief of Technology Jeff Pittman. All of their contracts, which previously expired on June 30, 2022, will now expire on February 29, 2024. The Board also unanimously approved the extension of School Board Attorney Alex Erwin’s contract until February 29, 2024.  

Next, the Board heard from Mr. Myers, who presented the community feedback on the naming of the Southern Elementary School Project. He shared that, over the past several weeks, OCS staff collected feedback from the community on the top five name choices: Coastal Elementary, Folkstone Elementary, Southern Elementary, Stump Sound Elementary, and Holly Ridge Elementary. After community feedback was collected and vetted to ensure accuracy, Coastal Elementary and Holly Ridge Elementary were determined to be the top two choices.   

Board members and OCS staff discussed the importance of giving the school a name that would reflect and honor the community’s culture and heritage. Other potential names for the school included the names of some of the communities and municipalities local to that area. However, Board members and staff emphasized the need to choose a name inclusive of the many communities the school will serve, including Holly Ridge, Folkstone, Turkey Creek and more.  

In their recommendation to the Board, staff wrote, “The name of Coastal Elementary School encompasses the coastal environment and heritage that is part of all the communities in the Stump Sound Township.”  

The Board unanimously voted to make Coastal Elementary School the official name of the new school coming to the southern part of the county.  

Next on the agenda was the discussion of the redistricting process that will accompany the opening of Coastal Elementary School. Ahead of Mr. Myers’ presentation, the Board decided to table a decision on redistricting to the March 10 BOE meeting to allow plenty of time for additional community feedback.  

Mr. Myers presented three redistricting options to the Board that staff had prepared and believed to be feasible. In all three scenarios presented, the existing Dixon Elementary district would be split into two districts. The delineation between Dixon Elementary and Coastal Elementary is Hwy 210 until it reaches the bridge going to North Topsail Beach. Students from North Topsail Beach will be served by Coastal Elementary School. In scenario one, as part of the districted for Coastal Elementary, there would be 5 students from Southwest Elementary School re-assigned. In scenario two, the 5 students from scenario one and an additional 13 students from Southwest Elementary would attend the new school. In scenario three, the 18 students from scenario two and an additional 51 students from Meadow View Elementary would be reassigned to the new school.  

After hearing the options and discussing each options pros and cons, the Board discussed the possibility of simply dividing the Dixon Elementary School district in two and waiting to redistrict families from Southwest and Meadow View elementary schools until the new school in the Catherine Lake area is opened in 2022. 

Last on the agenda was the consideration of nominating a member of the Onslow County Board of Education to serve on the North Carolina School Board Association’s Legislative Committee. The Board nominated Paul Wiggins, who has already served on the committee, to serve again.  


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